Thank you VinGardeValise®! The case, filled with 12 bottles, weighed in well under 50 pounds. My wines arrived at my final destination safe and sound. I’ll be using the case again soon!

Karen C

Bought my VGV® about 2 months ago, and have since brought back many bottles of mezcal from Berlin, CA, AZ, and Mexico. I’m thrilled with it — makes packing and transporting bottles so much easier.

Don P.

The VinGardeValise® is easily the most aesthetic and user friendly wine travel  carrier on the market.  Easy to use, fantastic design and i don’t feel so out of place with the industrial looking alternatives. I couldn’t be happier.

Matt N

Wine Valise Benefits

Built for long-term use.

Protects your wine with durable foam inserts, providing extra protection for your bottles.

Easy to maneuver.

Fully compliant with FAA and TSA luggage policies and procedures.

Typically transports your wine under the 50 lb airline baggage limit.

Accommodates heftier wine bottles with increased case depth for larger Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Champagne bottles.

Allows easy and secure entry and closure of your case with heavy duty large zippers, zipper pulls, and zipper pull extenders.

Perfect For Travel

And Here’s Why…

One of the easiest and most enjoyable things about a trip to wine country – whether it is a tasting tour through Napa, or stopping at vineyards as you vacation in Europe – is the amazing opportunity to bring home bottles of the wine you’ve fallen in love with.

The hard part? Getting those bottles back to your own cellar in one piece.

Traditional wine bottle carriers and totes may work if you’re driving, but they are not likely to withstand a lot of jostling. Shipping them in packed luggage does not guarantee their safety on the plane. A wine travel bag can only protect a bottle or two in your checked luggage. At most, it will protect your clothing from getting stained if the bottle breaks.

What about shipping multiple bottles? You can pack your precious finds in polystyrene and cardboard and pray your shipment arrives home intact, and without being exposed to temperatures that may ruin the taste of the wines packed inside forever.

What is the solution?

The VinGardeValise® Buy Yours Today!

The VinGardeValise® was developed to protect what Robert Louis Stevenson called “bottled poetry.” Made of rugged, lightweight durable 100% polycarbonate, the VinGardeValise® wine travel case is designed to protect an entire case of wine when you’re traveling or simply on the go. Whether you’re planning to collect wine on a vacation or carrying your personal cellar stock with you to a weekend bash, this wine bottle carrier will keep your wine safe and ready to enjoy.

You can customize the modular interior design to suit your needs, using it to hold two to twelve bottles of wine.

If you plan to carry under twelve bottles, you will have enough space for clothes, books or anything else you plan to pack.

The bottle modules adjust to accommodate regular 750 ml bottles, including Riesling and Champagne. You can also opt for additional insert modules to carry up to six 1.5 litre magnum bottles or the extra-large 750 ml bottles that some boutique wineries use.

As a bonus, you can also get an insert for carrying two large Bordeaux glasses.

Depending on your bottle selection, even when fully loaded, the VinGardeValise® weighs less than 50 pounds, which means no overweight luggage fees!

Rest assured that our wine carriers will protect your wine no matter how roughly your baggage is handled, and still meet airline, FAA, and TSA luggage standards and restrictions.

The four spinner wheels, centered top, and side handles make it easy to carry or pull.

No one will know you have liquid treasure safely stowed in this wine travel case, keeping your wine safe from dodgy fellow travelers or baggage handlers.

We’ve invested three years to perfect VinGardeValise®. You won’t find a better wine carrier, period. If you travel with wine, you owe it to yourself to protect it.

Order your Wine Valise today!

  1. Sturdy, retractable, telescoping pull handle 
  2. Double soft-grip handles on the top and side 
  3. Concealed steel and heavy plastic support pieces 
  4. All four corners are protected by high-strength corner bumpers 
  5. High-strength polycarbonate shell 
  6. Foam inserts consisting of over 3” of high-density foam
  7. Removable individual insert modules 
  8. Durable twin straps on each side of the interior of the case 
  9. Four sturdy spinner wheels 
  10. Heavy-duty zippers all around 

Sturdy, retractable pull handle

Double soft-grip handles

High-strength corner bumpers

Polycarbonate shell

3” of high-density foam

Removable insert modules

Four sturdy spinner wheels

Heavy-duty zippers

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