Traveling with Wine - Government & Airline Policies

The rules and regulations regarding traveling with wine and other alcoholic beverages vary greatly and are subject to frequent change. They are subject to the policies of the carriers (airlines, rail transportation companies, cruise lines, bus lines, and other carriers). They are also subject to the laws of the country of departure and country of arrival.

Please see below for a delineation of US government policies (i.e., FAA and TSA) for traveling with wine and other alcoholic beverages.

VinGardeValise® strongly recommends that before traveling with wine or any other alcoholic beverage that the traveler consults the website of the carrier and the websites of the countries of departure and arrival to assure compliance with all current policies and governing laws. Sign up below to have a list of website addresses to 60+ airlines emailed to you.

Please note that some countries have extremely restrictive policies governing what alcoholic beverages you are allowed to bring in with you.

US Government Regulations Regarding Shipping Wine in Checked Baggage

“Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% alcohol content are not subject to hazardous materials regulations.,” and, therefore, are not restricted with regard to amount of bottles which may be carried in checked baggage.

“In the United States, the FAA and TSA do not restrict the number of bottles that you can transport on a plane. Alcohol beverages with less than 24% alcohol content, such as wine and many spirits, are not subject to hazardous materials regulations.”

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