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10 Heavenly No-Bake Wine Desserts for Wine Lovers

Did you think that the wine you brought back in your VinGardeValise from that memorable vineyard tour was just for special occasions? We want to reassure you that there are other ways to enjoy the wine, besides those long relaxed evenings with your friends and family where you regale them with your travel tales and treat them to your favorite reds and whites. It is called wine desserts.

Whether you decide to open a fresh bottle, or want to use up leftover wine, it is perfect for desserts. Get a few ingredients together and you’re all set for an exquisite treat. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of delicious red and white wine dessert ideas.


Pinot Noir Poached Pears & Burrata Crostini


A fantastic way to combine dessert with your favorite Pinot Noir is by making these awesome poached pears and burrata crostini. This is perfect for a cozy winter night or even a lazy brunch. Just pour a glass for yourself and while you enjoy it, go ahead and make your poached pears. Pinot noir is the ideal wine to poach pears with its rich earthiness to compliment the pear, enhancing the fruity flavor.    

Red Wine Chocolate Truffles


The perfect way to show your love of wine and chocolate is with this delectable red wine chocolate truffle dessert. Did you know that red wine and chocolate are literally made for each other, as in BFFs, making for an almost divine dessert? Decadent, different and downright drool-worthy, you simply must try this easy recipe.

Red Wine Ice Cream


Cold weather or hot weather, there is always a perfect time for wine ice cream and here’s how to make it fast and easy with your favorite red wine. This simple, boozy dessert can be made in many flavors and if you are a health freak, you might experiment with fruit, too! Yum!

Mulled Wine Jelly Candies


Wine desserts just got even better with this mulled wine jelly candy recipe made with 1 cup of red wine and an overnight rest at room temperature. The result? An elegant dessert you can’t resist! The best part? It is quick and easy to make.

Cherries Poached in Red Wine with Mascarpone Cream

Cherries poached in red wine with Marscarpone cream is not as easy as these other recipes but definitely worth the 2 and 1/4 cups red wine and effort.


Your reward will be an amazingly distinctive dessert you’ll be proud to show off.


Jasmine White Wine Poached Pears


Pears can be poached in red or white wine and for this fantastically heavenly recipe for white wine poached pears, all you need is 1 cup of Chardonnay. The acidity of this wine perfectly compliments the sweetness of the pears and the jasmine’s floral scent.

Apple Sorbet


White wine and green apples make an awesome and healthy chilled wine dessert that’s perfect for any weather. You can go easy on the sugar and overboard on the fruit! No guilt necessary!

White Wine Ice Cream


With just whipping cream, sugar, and your favorite white wine, you can make an incredible ice cream for sharing, or not. Pamper your sweet tooth with this almost instant dessert. Tip: you can even whip it up without an icecream maker!

Peach Sangria Popsicles


Popsicles! Time-travel into the carefree days of your childhood. Sangrias turned into scrumptious popsicles are an awesome all-year treat that’s easy to make and delicious to devour with or without company.

Summer Pudding

Don’t let the name lie to you, treat yourself to this enticing pudding with wine any time of the year.


This mouthwatering white wine dessert is as exotic as they come and will floor you with its fabulous flavor.  Serve with cream and leftover fruit syrup.

So there you have it. Ten tantalizing wine dessert recipes for you to try right away. The next time you pack your bags to travel, don’t be surprised if your VGV® is the first thing you start with. You may also want to add the VGV® Petite, just in case. Don’t have one yet? Order it here.

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