5 Important Wine Cellar Building Tips You Need To Know

So you’ve brought home your favorite wines safely in your VinGardeValise®. You’ll now want to store them and enjoy them for the longest time! Here is where building your wine cellar comes in. This is a major step for a wine connoisseur and we want to help you get it just right. wine-cellar One: Location The ideal location for a cellar is below the house. In case your basement has outside walls, the north-facing walls with receive minimal light. Garages may be okay but not if the temperature changes are extreme. If you have space in the first floor of your home, this is suitable too. The point is, you need to ensure that the wine cellar has a reasonably constant temperature so that the cooling unit is not overworked. Two: Choose the best quality building material for your cellar. The last thing you want is the sound of your precious wine collection crashing because the storage unit is not strong enough! To keep the bottles at their best for several years, there must be minimal vibrations. Common woods for wine racks include redwood and mahogany. Both are resistant to rot in the cool, damp cellar environment. All paints and stains must be water based to avoid high odors in the insulated room. Since your wines must be stored at a consistent temperature, one of the best insulation materials is sprayed 2-pound polyurethane. If your cellar is on the first floor, go in for a less expensive insulation. Make sure the doors have weather stripping and are insulated. You want to create a well-insulated room. Finish the walls with drywall or an alternative to keep moisture away. If it absorbs moisture, your wine will develop an odor and that is not what you want. Redwood and drywood are rot and mildew resistant and great as finished wall surfaces. Tile, vinyl and marble are recommended for cellar floors. Avoid carpenting and rugs as they can become wet and have mildew due to the required humidity. Three: Temperature and Humidity High temperatures spoil the wine and low temperatures interfere with the aging. Temperature fluctuations make the cork expand and contract, letting the air into the wine. Avoid buying chilled wine, as there is no way of knowing how long it has been chilled. Once your bring your wine home, do not store it in your refrigerator for more than a day or two. The perfect temperature for a wine cellar is 50-60 degrees and a humidity of 60-70 percent. Please note: you will need a wine cooling system to maintain the right temperature, but within an insulated room, these units can be small and affordable. Low humidity can dry the wine bottle’s cork and damage the wine. Since the bottle is kept tipped, one side stays moist but the rest of the cork can dry and crack. Many cooling systems come with built-in humidity management. If your cooling system doesn’t, we suggest investing in a humidifier system. Four: Positioning the wine bottle Any movement can make the bottles shift. Your wine must stay in contact with the cork to prevent it from drying and cracking, so ensure that the bottles stay steady. Store the wine horizontally to keep the corks moist and lessen the chances of their drying out. Five: Lighting Keep the wine in a dark places. Yes, colored bottles do help keep the light out, but do not depend on that.  The light in your wine cellar should exude as little heat as possible, while still adequately lighting the space. Too much heat can cause a temperature imbalance in your wine cellar and affect the quality of your wine stock. Track lighting, display lighting, recessed lighting, and sconces all work well in the right situations. Finally, don’t forget that each wine has its own aging time. Build your wine cellar well and your wine will be fine for a long time. Now open a bottle and celebrate your new wine cellar! Cheers!
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