Top 5 Wine Books to Read on Your Flight

Wherever your next wine travel adventure may take you and your VinGardeValise®, here are some great reading picks that every wine lover is sure to enjoy!

For the History Buff

Napa at Last Light: America’s Eden in an Age of Calamity by James Conaway How did America’s most well-known wine country come to be, and how has it changed? James Conway poses that question among many others in the latest release from the author hailed as the definitive Napa writer. What makes Napa at Last Light so intriguing is the complexity in relationships and philosophies that define Napa Valley so poignantly. Conway explores the families whose names loom so heavily over the Valley and the even larger corporations that have quietly worked their way into the mix. More so, he assesses the implications of these growing rivalries. As the industry expands at such a rapid pace, a toll certainly is taken on the land and water of this tourist mecca that thousands call home.

For the Aspiring Somm

Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste by Bianca Bosker Before Bianca Bosker set out to become a sommelier, she was a contributing editor at The Atlantic who just happened to like drinking wine. Fascinated by the all-consuming passion that sommeliers seemed universally to possess, she set out to see if she could become one of the elite. Cork Dork is her telling of a journey not commonly known -- one that takes you behind the scenes of the wine industry from illustrious tasting groups to the hottest restaurants. Her goal? Discover what makes wine such a big deal that it reigns supreme all throughout history.

For the French Fanatic

Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer’s Tour of France by Kermit Lynch A well-accomplished wine importer, Kermit Lynch is the perfect person to tell these incredible and insider stories of some of the most interesting vintages and the vintners he met along the way while procuring them. He captures the differences between French and American wine country and culture while highlighting the universality of the love of wine. He emphasizes the ability wine has to create community; after you give it a read, we suggest you uncork a bottle and share what you’ve learned with a wine community of your own!

For the Mystery Lover

In Vino Duplicitas: The Rise and Fall of a Wine Forger Extraordinaire by Peter Hellman An inside look at the biggest deception in wine history — filled with fame, forgery, and of course, delectable wines. In Vino Duplicitas follows the scandal surrounding a young purveyor of rare wines who first appeared in the auction scene in 2002. From 2002-2008, Rudy Kurniawan’s unfathomable access to some of the world’s oldest and most coveted wines was invaluable to the wine world. However, in 2008, his lots of a particular red Burgundy were pulled from auction. The reason? Rudy was suspected a fraud. Author and journalist Peter Hellman witnessed it all first-hand and retells the story and the case’s unraveling in this gripping tale. His book brings to light the age-old question: Can you truly tell the difference between the real thing and a great imitation?

For the Long-Time Wine Drinker

Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine by Jamie Goode It’s hard to find the right book to recommend to someone who has been enjoying and studying wine for so long, but Jamie Goode’s Flawless is that perfect pick. Dedicating to exploring the main causes of faults in wine, your head will spin with scientific terms that impeccably describe the characteristics of wines you’ve come to know over the years and some you have yet to experience. The great part about her book is that it explores the benefits of flaws concurrently with their detriments. Flaws are not inherently a bad thing and some flaws are even desirable. Prepare to geek out as you let Goode challenge your point of view.

BONUS: For the Fan of the New

Amber Revolution: How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine by Simon J. Woolf and Ryan Opaz At first glance, some might assume that this wine isn’t made from grapes or that maybe it’s some new, trendy blend. But orange wine is actually just as ancient as red or white, albeit untraditional. It’s this untraditional production method, however, that lends a certain magic to the end result. Made from white wine grapes, the skin is left on during fermentation yielding this sought-after color. Simon J. Woolf’s incredible work captures the history of this curious wine and its return into the spotlight. Now that you have some reads for your next flight, don’t wait any longer to plan your next wine country getaway. The original wine suitcase, the VinGardeValise®, is available in three colors and two sizes, the Petite 8-bottle wine suitcase and the Grande 12-bottle wine suitcase, and will make taking home your favorite reds, whites, and rosés a breeze.
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