Wine Harvest is Here

Months of scorching heat suddenly have a chill to them. Miles of lime green hills are showing flecks of color. We can finally break out our favorite old sweatshirt during the evenings. It’s official. Northern California is on the cusp of the best time of the year. The time when one by one, the vines reach their threshold, farmers make the call, and towns everywhere celebrate the age-old tradition between man and land – harvest season. Vineyard with macrobins of grape clusters There’s something about the essence of harvest season that is undeniably innate to humans. You can be as far removed as possible from a relationship with the earth, but step foot in wine country during harvest, and you’ll feel it – a change of pace in nature that stirs the soul. It’s a grounding familiarity between us and the earth, and it signals weeks of live music, late night dancing, tables full of food, and glasses overflowing with wine. Cheeseboard with wine glasses It’s pretty amazing that after all these centuries, humans still honor the tradition of reaping the earth. You can cruise down any given two-lane road in Northern California and notice a pattern of hand-painted signs reading “Grape Stomp,” “Harvest Party,” “Harvest Season Festival,” “Crush Party,” or “Harvest Dinner.” And sure enough, any day of the week, you’ll see strings of lights hovering above crowds in fields at harvest parties and grape stomps. You’ll find cellar hands rolling vintage barrels out of wineries for inaugural feasts and concerts. Winemakers start exchanging purple-stained tees for their best button-downs, and heels hurry through the dust toward the nearest vineyard festivity. It’s a way of life, and the most exciting part of a winemaking livelihood. The VinGardeValise® is our contribution to this genuine, special lifestyle and an accessory for those who share a passion for it. We pride ourselves on being a part of something that goes beyond just wine and  becomes an experience that transcends seasons, generations, and eras. Harvest is the invigorating ritual of thanksgiving to the vines, the catharsis of joy from the hands that nurtured them, and a toast to the new year of growth and grapes. Cheers to harvest season and the tradition we love the most!
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