Partner Programs

Interested in becoming a reseller of VinGardeValise® products?

Do you have a wine club, a wine or travel website, blog, brick-and-mortar business, consultancy or e-commerce store that looks to introduce new things and new ideas? If so, you may want to consider joining our VGV resellers community. We offer a multitude of different ways to present and sell the unique VinGardeValise®, all of which are designed to put money in your pocket.

Please visit the links below to apply for one of our programs.

Our Affiliate Program
Our Reseller Program

ATTN CUSTOMERS: We are out of the Grande 04 in Grey and have limited quantities of Grande 04 in Silver and the Petite 02 in Grey. We will have a new shipment late October 2017. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dismiss

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