Wine Chiller Sheet And Do-It-Yourself Insert Bundle

The Chiller sheet and the Do-It-Yourself insert (DIY) make a perfect “couple” for enhancing either your “staycation” or whatever car travel you are able to do. The chiller sheet can prevent your wines, beer, and spirits from “cooking” in the summer sun by holding temperature for up to 36 hours, depending, of course, on the ambient temperature. And the DIY insert—which you can customize to whatever you want to carry–enables you to take whatever bottled product you choose, from ale and beer to spirits and uniquely shaped wine bottles.

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Do-It-Yourself Insert

You can now have complete control over what you pack in your VGV® Grande or VGV® Petite. You create the shapes you need as you need them. When you unpack, just replace the removable foam blocks until your next trip.

  • High-density polyethylene foam
  • Interchangeable with 3 standard inserts on one side of the case.

How does it work?

We created a three-tiered system. First, lay one of the case-sized foam sheets in the bottom of the case. Next place the customizable middle section of foam on top of that sheet. You will know the customizable section when you see it. It is made up of pre-cut foam blocks. Remove the blocks you need and place your item into the insert. Repeat as needed until the insert is full. Always remember to have at least one foam block between your bottles so they do not touch each other. Once you are done, place the other case-sized foam sheet over the top, tighten the straps, zip the cover, close the case, and you will be ready to go.

No more worrying about the safety of your glass bottles. No more rolling them in clothes and sticking them in your suitcase only to unpack and find they didn’t make it in one piece. No more ruined clothes. Arrive home with your cargo safe and sound.

Wine Chiller Sheets

With their flat and sleek design, chiller sheets will quickly and easily fit inside of your VGV® Grande, VGV® Petite, or BierGardeValise™. The Chiller Sheets, in conjunction with the insulating foam used to pack your bottles, will protect your wine, spirits, and beer from the damaging effects of heat and the impact experienced during travel. The Chiller Sheets will keep your bottles at the temperature that you packed them, for up to 36 hours (depending, of course, on the ambient temperature).  Choose the Grande size Chiller Sheet when buying for a BierGardeValise™.

Consists of 1 set of:
1  Freezer
3 Blue Moisture Barriers
1 Aluminum Insulation Sheet


Grande Bundle, Petite Bundle


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